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The beginning of April found me traveling for more of the Creating Life in the Lab book tour. Some highlights include:

  • Speaking at Georgetown School of Medicine, John Hopkins University, and University of Maryland about Creating Life in the Lab
  • An afternoon spent at the Christian Broadcasting Network headquarters in Virginia Beach to video tape a Q&A session as well as my testimony for the apologetics section of CBN’s website. I got to answer questions about Creating Life in the Lab.

I’ll keep you updated about when the video is posted but currently my article “Two Discoveries, One Conclusion: Best Evidence Biological Evolution Undermined” is available on the CBN website.

March 15: Had a great time in Winnipeg taping programs for It’s a New Day. They will air, I am told, in the fall (I’ll keep you posted on that). We taped four programs, two on The Cell’s Design and two on Creating Life in the Lab.

Here are some shots of me on the set with host Willard Thiessen.

Taken during interview with Willard Thiessen on "It's a New Day." Photographer: David Gauthier

March 16: Headed to Alcatel-Lucent at lunch time to give a talk on Creating Life in the Lab.  Afterwards headed to Trinity International University* for an evening lecture.

March 17: Evening lecture at Wheaton College.*

March 18: Day three in Chicago was busy. Spoke at Fermilab at lunch time.

I learned something interesting: Fermilab is the world’s largest producer of anti-protons. So if you need some anti-protons, cheap, you know where to go. 🙂

Closed speaking tour with an evening talk at Willow Creek Community Church.

*These events were not sponsored by Trinity International University or Wheaton College.


March 19: Ended my trip with a search for the perfect Chicago hot dog. Found it at Wiener’s Circle in downtown Chicago.







Nuclear chemist Dr. Jay L. Wile posted a thorough review of Creating Life in the Lab on his blog, Proslogion (named for a work by Anselm of Canterbury; its English title is Discourse on the Existence of God).

Yesterday I talked about Creating Life in the Lab with Dr. Michael Brown on The Line of Fire. Listen to the interview at

Had a great time discussing Creating Life in the Lab with apologist Greg Koukl during the last two hours on the Stand to Reason podcast. Listen to the interview here.

I’ll be speaking on Creating Life in the Lab at these events in March.

March 16: Deerfield, IL, Trinity International University*
March 17: Wheaton, IL, Wheaton College*
March 18: South Barrington, IL, Willow Creek Community Church

For event details, visit

*These events are not sponsored by Trinity International University or Wheaton College.

Review on Newsvine

An RTB apologist posted an awesome review of Creating Life in the Lab on Here’s a sample of what he has to say about the book:

…this book addresses the moral, philosophical, and religious worldview implications of creating life. Many people have wondered, “Will the creation of artificial and synthetic life-forms mean that there’s no need for God, as the Creator?” Dr. Rana’s answer is an emphatic “No!” In fact he successfully argues that this work actually provides evidence for the need for a Creator of life.

You can read the entire review here.

Had an opportunity to talk about Creating Life in the Lab on The Frank Pastore Show. You can listen to a recording of the interview by visiting the synthetic biology page on the RTB website.

My colleague astronomer Hugh Ross included Creating Life in the Lab in the Reasons To Believe ministry letter this month:

To believe life is here because God created it here seems far more reasonable. That belief grows all the stronger based on the story Dr. Rana tells in his newly released book, Creating Life in the Lab! As he describes what researchers have invested and discovered in the remarkable feat of assembling even the constituent parts of what we call life in meticulously controlled lab environments, readers gain an astounding new glimpse of the awesome mind and heart of the Creator. Fuz’s book represents the best of RTB’s efforts to step out in front of scientific breakthroughs to explain their contribution to the case for our faith. In this book you’ll find the most comprehensive treatment available from any scientific, theological or philosophical perspective on both the dangers and the promises of synthetic biology, the most recent frontier in life sciences.

To sign up for the RTB monthly ministry letter and other free publications, call (800) 482-7836.

Synopsis of Creating Life in the Lab: what it’s about and why I decided to write it.

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