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March 15: Had a great time in Winnipeg taping programs for It’s a New Day. They will air, I am told, in the fall (I’ll keep you posted on that). We taped four programs, two on The Cell’s Design and two on Creating Life in the Lab.

Here are some shots of me on the set with host Willard Thiessen.

Taken during interview with Willard Thiessen on "It's a New Day." Photographer: David Gauthier

March 16: Headed to Alcatel-Lucent at lunch time to give a talk on Creating Life in the Lab.  Afterwards headed to Trinity International University* for an evening lecture.

March 17: Evening lecture at Wheaton College.*

March 18: Day three in Chicago was busy. Spoke at Fermilab at lunch time.

I learned something interesting: Fermilab is the world’s largest producer of anti-protons. So if you need some anti-protons, cheap, you know where to go. 🙂

Closed speaking tour with an evening talk at Willow Creek Community Church.

*These events were not sponsored by Trinity International University or Wheaton College.


March 19: Ended my trip with a search for the perfect Chicago hot dog. Found it at Wiener’s Circle in downtown Chicago.







Yesterday I talked about Creating Life in the Lab with Dr. Michael Brown on The Line of Fire. Listen to the interview at lineoffireradio.com.

Had a great time discussing Creating Life in the Lab with apologist Greg Koukl during the last two hours on the Stand to Reason podcast. Listen to the interview here.

Did an interview on In The Market with Janet Parshall on Thursday, February 17. You can listen to the recording here.

Interview with Apologetics 315

Yesterday, I was a guest on the Apologetics 315 podcast. I talked with Brian Auten about Creating Life in the Lab, the implications of synthetic biology, and more. The interview recording is available at the Apologetics 315 blog.